Hiab crane truck with trailer

Our Equipment

Unit #4

Twin steer with pintle and fifth wheel capabilities, comes equipped with a clip on deck to enable straight deliveries. Hiab 422-8 knuckle boom crane. This unit has a horizontal reach of over 70 feet and a vertical reach of over 80 feet.

Unit #5

Twin steer with pintle hitch capabilities - this unit carries a Hiab 422-8 knuckle boom crane. The vertical and horizontal reach is the same as Unit #4. Both trucks are equipped with 19 ft decks.

Trailer #1

Thirty foot tri-axle tilt deck with a payload capacity of 39000 pounds, plus the payload of each individual truck. This trailer has a deck height of 36" therefore we are able to carry tall loads of 11'1" legally on the deck.

Trailer #2

Thirty-four foot Highboy with sliding rear axles which enable us to get in and out of the tightest spots. This trailer has a payload capacity of approximately 47000 pounds.